ANTI SCAM interpreter in Odessa


To our regret, some tourists come across SCAM with Ukrainian and Russian girls, and sadly but sometimes true there are Ukrainian scammers as well as Russian scammers anyone coming to meet girls all the way to Ukraine may come across.

After corresponding with a girl, usually someone would want to come and meet that girl in person as we all know - it is better to see once than to hear a thousand times. When arriving in Ukraine, you may be surprised that girl you want to meet would insist on bringing her own interpreter - not the one you would hire, and even not the one from the agency you were working with before (but even the translator from agency may be that girl's friend and may be engaged in scamming a foreign guest). FYI, about 85% of all dating agencies in Odessa and in Ukraine are involved in SCAM!

It may be a typical scam situation when 2 friends get together and in the meantime discuss with each other during the meeting what they think about their foreign guest.

Anti Scam Interpreter Services in Odessa - know EXACTLY what she is thinking about you

We were asked several times by our clients for somebody to sit next to a table in the cafe or restaurant and listen to what interpreter and lady are talking about their guest, and if translation is correct of what lady is really saying.

We are pleased to offer anti scam interpreting service in Odessa so you will know for sure after the meeting what lady was saying and if translation was correct. In this way you can be sure whether to continue with relationship, or end it avoiding any possible scam from the very beginning.

When ordering anti-scam interpreter in Odessa, you will meet with our representative before your meeting and you will be instructed for about 20 minutes of possible scam scenarios, and meeting will be scheduled when and where you will meet again after your meeting with lady and her friend-interpreter to find out all the details.

Please contact us anytime if you are interested in anti-scam interpreting in Odessa.