11 November 2018
Miss Odessa 2018 finals
Some photos from Miss Odessa International 2018 contest!
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14 July 2018
Opening of Odessa Film Festival 2018
Today very famous Odessa Film Festival 2018 officially has been opened!
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1 April 2018
1-st April 2018 Celebrations in Odessa!
Odessa is a the capital of humor in the world. 1-st of April is always big holiday!
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25 December 2017
Merry Christmas, Odessa!
Odessa is ready to celebrate Christmas and New 2018 Year !
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26 May 2017
Potemkin Stairs and new park opened!
Finally Potemkin stairs opened after renovation with a new European park!
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17 March 2017
Odessa is celebrating day of St. Patrick!
Day of St. Patrick celebration in Odessa - everyone can feel himself Irish today.
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8 March 2017
International Women Day in Odessa!
Celebration of International Women Day in Odessa is always a super holiday!
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30 October 2016
Halloween Celebration in Odessa!
Weather in Odessa is perfect and we are celebrating Halloween this weekend.
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25 August 2016
Independence Day Celebration in Odessa!
Photographs from 25-th Celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine in Odessa.
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18 July 2016
Marine T-shirt Festival in Odessa
From 2-nd July until 17-th July there was an amazing Marine T-shirt Festival 2016 in Odessa.
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