Akkerman Fortress tour from Odessa - 6 hours by car. From ONLY 119 EUR


Fortress in Belgorod Dnestrovskiy (Odessa region) is the oldest on the territory of modern Ukraine. History of Akkermann (former name of the city of Belgorod Dnestrovskiy) has nearly 25 centuries. By going here on a trip, you will visit one of the oldest cities in the world.

Akkerman Fortress (Belgorod-Dniester fortress or fortress of Belgorod Dnestrovskiy) was built during XIII to XV century and is surely a monument of history these days. This is the last well-preserved fortification of this size - total area of the fortress is more than 9 acres.

Tour Duration

5  -  6 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

6 km  or  4 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

180 km   or   110 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people

from 119 EUROs  or  145 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people

from 169 EUROs  or  199 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people

from 209 EUROs  or  249 US Dollars

Akkerman Fortress entrance ticket

about 1,5 EUROs  or  2 US Dollars

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You will have a unique opportunity to touch and feel those ancient monuments and witness the extent to which fortifications were built in the Middle Ages. It is possible to climb to the walls that have not lost its impressiveness and power over the centuries, see and touch towers and bastions of once great Ackerman. By climbing on the fortress walls (height of which are from 5 to 15 meters, and the width from 80 cm to 5 meters), it would be possible to examine closely the observation towers (the most popular tower Ovid (second name Maiden) and Tower of Pushkin), and take breathtaking photographs of admirable Dniester river.

You will carefully examine the principle of construction and operation of the medieval fortifications that were built on the territory of modern Ukraine. You are guaranteed to bring home unique photos and vivid impressions. Our English speaking guide will tell you about the crucial battles of the residents of this fortress with soldiers of the Ottoman Empire, show and describe in detail the system of fortifications. Also you will learn about three Russian-Turkish campaigns, bloody battles that its majestic and mighty walls still remember. At the fortress you can visit the museums of various subjects, including excavations of the ancient city of Tyre (VI century BC), weapons of Akkerman defenders of XIII - XV centuries.

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Do you want to try forging a sword, learn pottery, or even shoot a crossbow or bow? All this and more awaits you during the tour to Belgorod Dnestrovskiy fortress.

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