Chisinau and Transnistria from Odessa tour - EXCLUSIVE from 249 EUR

Exclusive and unique tour Chisinau and Transnistria from Odessa is offered ONLY by our company as of March 2017 with professional English speaking guide.

If you happen to be in Odessa and want to experience how people lived in Soviet Union during communism era, there is no need to visit North Korea (which is pretty hard and not so safe anyway), we are glad to propose our tour Chisinau and Tiraspol from Odessa.

A lot of tourists arriving to Odessa have been asking us to see something unusual that is very rarely seen by regular tourists. Once, in October 2015, we were asked by a group of British and American tourists about possibility to see Transnistria from Odessa as well as Chisinau with an English speaking guide. We found a guide who lived in Transnistria for 11 years and moved to Odessa 3 years ago, and on 19-th of October 2015 it was the first tour from Odessa to Tiraspol and Chisinau. Our clients were so impressed, amazed and happy with the tour that we carefully selected the route and we are proud to offer Moldova and Transnistria from Odessa tour.

Tour Duration

10  -  12 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

7 km  or  5 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

420 km   or   250 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people

from 249 EUROs  or  289 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people

from 319 EUROs  or  359 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people

from 459 EUROs  or  529 US Dollars

Lunch in Chisinau restaurnat for 1 tourist ***

about 10 EUROs  or  12 US Dollars

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On our tour you will find history of Transnistria - country which functions since 1990 as a state with very limited recognition that claims territory to the East of the Dniester river. You will see that despite Transnistria's non-recognition, it has legislative and executive authorities, as well as an army, it's own constitution, flag, emblem and anthem. Citizens of Transnistria have their own currency - Transnistrian ruble and passports, which are invalid everywhere but Transnistria.

You will witness unique kolkhoz in Transnistria with the name Put Lenina (The Lenin Way). The kolkhoz - a residue of the Soviet period - is a collective farm which belongs to the state, and most probably will see children in the countryside that are involved in the household from a very early age having to work as hard as adults.

After that you will be guided to Moldova - country, which for more than 25 years is in TOP-5 of least visited countries in the world! We will visit countryside along the way to the capital city of Chisinau, and will explore historical center of Chisinau where you will be able to see how another post-Soviet country is making its transition to become a European country.

*** During Chisinau and Transnistria from Odessa tour you will have possibility to try real Moldovian cuisine with worldwide known wine in a Moldovian national restaurant for as low as about 10 EUROs or 12 US Dollars per person for the whole lunch and will be able to buy very cheap souvenirs from Moldova in a park nearby city center.

During the whole tour from the very beginning to its end upon arrival back to Odessa you will be accompanied and guided by a certified professional English speaking guide from whom you will find out history, traditions, present and possible future of Transnistria and Moldova.

If you wish to book an individual Transnistria and Chisinau tour from Odessa or any other tour with professional English speaking guide, please contact us in advance to schedule date, time and place where you want our guide to pick you up, or just fill in our simple Odessa tour booking form.