Ukraine SIM Card purchase - (VERY Cheap 3G Internet + FREE calls)


It is extremely wise to buy a local SIM card for your GSM phone with Ukrainian number if you plan to visit Ukraine at least once a year. Odessa Transfers Group will purchase, activate, and send you a GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number to absolutely ANY COUNTRY worldwide.

Benefits of SIM card with Ukrainian number are:

  • you know your Ukrainian number in advance
  • number is yours to keep (just make 1 outgoing call each 11 months, even while you are not in Ukraine)
  • national coverage of up to 99%
  • ALL incoming calls and SMS are FREE!!!
  • your Ukrainian business partners and friends can call you almost for free
  • SIM card may be used for your next trips to Ukraine
  • EXTREMELY CHEAP international call rates to the US, Europe, Israel, China, India (from ONLY 0.04 US Dollars or 0.03 EUR per minute!!!)
  • VERY CHEAP national call rates (ONLY 0.03 US Dollars or 0.02 EUR per minute!!!)
  • AMAZINGLY CHEAP fast Mobile 3G Internet access (from ONLY 0.30 EUR or 0.35 US Dollars for 500 MB of mobile traffic)
  • print your number on your business cards that you give out in Ukraine

When you oder SIM card package from us, you are getting:

  • GSM SIM card start pack delivered to your home or business address by Air Mail
  • Translated in English all the instructions on how to make calls, add funds, check balance, etc.
  • SIM card activation in Ukraine
  • International Roaming access if you add 3 EUR to your balance
  • We can add as much funds as you wish to your new Ukrainian number in advance


  • 10 EUR or 12 US Dollars for 1 GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number given to you upon arrival
  • 18 EUR or 20 US Dollars for 1 GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number sent by Air Mail to ANY COUNTRY worldwide
  • 24 EUR or 26 US Dollars for 1 GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number sent by Registered Air Mail to ANY COUNTRY worldwide

Please note there will be a starting balance of 1 hrivnya on number balance.
Should you wish us to add more funds to your new number, please let us know when ordering GSM SIM card from us.

To order a SIM card with Ukrainian number, please fill in the form below:

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