30 August 2020
Traditional Festival - Color Fest 2020 took place in Odessa today.

More than 300 young girls and boys attended 4-th Traditional happy Festival. According to rules, everyone should wear white clothes that they agree to be colored with holi paints. It was possible to bring your holi paints with you or simply purchase them on site from 50 hrivnyas (about 2 US Dollars) per pack. For those who wanted to buy more than 3 packs, there were good discounts.

In the very beginning people were spread into 2 teams and battle has begun!

At the end of 30-minutes battle there was a soap party, everyone could clean remainings of paint and simply get refreshed.

Even though there is worldwide COVID hysteria that is marketed as the worst evil by governments all over the world, most people in Odessa simply do not believe in COVID hysteria as you can see on these photos:

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