13 July 2023
Datacenter where our Web sites were hosted burned down!

It has been a real nightmare for the last 3 days for our company. No! It is not because of damned raschists who are already destroying for 500+ days our beautiful Ukraine, our economy, our infrastructure and who kill with impunity civilians every day. As the war in Ukraine started, we moved our Web sites to another country from Ukraine to make sure we are accessible anytime 24/7 as usual and are not affected by the war, but... datacenter, where our server was hosted burned down due to a fire caused by malfunction of UPS batteries (at least according to what staff of datacenter recently announced to hosting company with which we cooperate).

Our IT gurus had to restore Web sites from backups and configure our booking and chat software, so it works all right on a new server hosted in another datacenter in another country.

We sincerely hope such unpleasant thing should not happen again and thank all our clients for support during these couple of days when our sites were competely unreachable.

As usual we are available by email at - , by telephone +380-673-888-888 (which is also available on Viber and WhatsApp), or by online chat that you can access from any page of our Web site.

If you are running any online business or have a personal or corporate Web site, make sure you make backups on a regular basis (even though it is very boring). From what we have researched over these days, more and more datacenters are getting on fire, but datacenter officials never say anything about causes of such tragedies. Just make sure you backup regularly!

If we can be of further assistance, help or advice, feel free to contact us anytime.

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