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Kherson is a big industrial and cultural center in southern Ukraine, which has a fantastic location: at the delta of the longest river in Ukraine - the Dnipro river.

Kherson was found in 1778 by a very famous general Gregory Potemkin and acted as a city which fortified the Russian Empire's southern borders. Kherson city proudly bears the epithet - Cradle of the Black Sea Fleet. Indeed, as early as in 1779 the construction of the first Russian Imperial ships started on the city’s docks. Kherson grew rapidly, and by early 19-th century it became an important economic center of southern Russian Empire.

Nowadays, Kherson region is known for its attractive resorts that have become favorite vacation destinations for both Ukrainians and foreigners alike. Kherson attracts visitors not only by the clean sea and amazing beaches. One of the most popular destinations is Kherson's historic center, which has retained a typical look of a 19-th century city. The parts of the Kherson Fortress that are still standing – the bulwark, the arsenal building, the Ochakiv Arch, and the Moscow Gate with its adjoining bastions – are definitely worth seeing! But the most interesting remaining part of the fortress, founded in the late 18-th century is certainly the Cathedral of St. Catherine, breathtaking in its size and majesty, where lies the body of the city's founder - Gregory Potemkin, honoring his last wish.

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