Odessa and Privoz tour - 3+ hours Odessa city tour. For ONLY 49 EUROs.

Odessa and Privoz - our most popular individual Odessa tour. Tour combines itself from Odessa Overview tour and the most popular market in Ukraine - Privoz.

In Odessa we say: If you have never been to Privoz - you have never been in Odessa. And it is true once you visit this popular market that people from USA, Australia and the rest of the world come to visit.

Tour Duration

3  -  3,5 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

6,5 km  or  4 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

8 km   or   5 miles

Price of tour

49 EUROs  or  55 US Dollars

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For most people in the world market is a place where you buy groceries, fish and meet. But not for citizens of Odessa! Privoz is a special, even unique environment and some even say it is a magical place in Odessa. Hike to Privoz for locals is a real celebration and ritual.

In this tour in addition to Odessa Overview tour you will find out:
  • traditions of real Odessa trading
  • will get acquainted with fruit, vegetables, fish and other parts of Privoz
  • will be able to try various delicacies and hear the famous Odessa language, pronounciation of which is still used in the communication of buyers and sellers these days
  • will find out how many dishes can be cooked from the famous Black Sea sprat
  • you will even walk by Champs-Elysees of Odessa
  • you will see a place where in Odessa in the early 20-th century diet pills were sold (of course, pill was not for weight loss, nevertheless the patent for weight loss pills was official and real)
  • will learn where in Odessa was the first zoo and where was the border of Porto-Franco tax free area
  • and much more...
And if you're really lucky, you'll even see the real masters of Privoz - bazaar cats, about which there are many stories as of the most incorruptible freshness controllers throughout the marketplace.

And we guarantee that by visiting Privoz once, you will surely come here again the next time you are in Odessa!

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