Transnistria - Country that Doesn't Exist Day Tour from Odessa


Finally!!! Tour to Transnistria that we have been designing throughout 2018 year is available for everyone! Frankly speaking, we have been waiting for this day from the very beginning of 2018 when we started to find out how we could take foreigners on a day or 2 days tours to this non-existent country... Curtain falls... We are desperately proud to announce: Individual Exclusive Transnistria - country that doesn't exist tour can be booked as of February 2019 on continuous basis from Odessa Transfers Group.

Probably one of the most fascinating, provocative, intriguing and exotic parts of the world that can be explored if you ever happen to be in Odessa and have a day to spare - is to book a tour and visit Transnistria - country that doesn't exist. Actually Transnistria is a part of Moldova, but after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 it declared full independence in August 1991 and refused against Moldova's alliance with Romania. After a very brief war that lasted only 4 months back in 1992 with Romanian-speaking Moldova, which lays claim to the area up to this day, Transnistria remained independent from Moldova. It is not officially recognized by 99% of countries worldwide, not a part of any other country, and yet it's not a country in its own right. Intrigued? ;) We bet you are!

Tour Duration

10  -  14 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

5 km  or  3 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

320 km   or   200 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people (economy car)

from 199 EUR  or  229 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 3 people (comfort car)

from 249 EUR  or  279 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people by minivan

from 329 EUR  or  359 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people by minibus

from 459 EUR  or  499 US Dollars

Lunch in Transnistrian restaurnat for 1 tourist

about 9 EUR  or  10 US Dollars

KVINT Distillery tour for 1 tourist

from 18 EUR  or  20 US Dollars

Bender Fortress 1.5 hours guided tour

20 EUR  or  25 US Dollars

Bender Fortress entrance for 1 tourist

about 2.5 EUR  or  3 US Dollars

Dniester river cruise for 1 tourist

about 5 EUR  or  6 US Dollars

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We will take you on a day tour to Transnistria with our professional English speaking guide that will show you most interesting places of this part of the world. You will walk through area with stark Soviet era architecture, where streets still bear their original names - like Engels, Karl Marx, Lenin, Ordzhonikidze, Clara Zetkin, Sverdlov and so on... Will witness by yourself that this countryonly one brand of all things — supermarkets, petrol stations, fixed and mobile operator, restaurants, cinemas, shops, amd even a football team — all called by the name of Sheriff.

BOOK Transnistria - Country that Doesn't Exist Tour RIGHT NOW

You will visit Tiraspol - capital city that never experiences any traffic jam, no matter time of day and day of the year, will see old Soviet cars that are 40, 50, 60, even 70 years old - Lada, Volga, Moskvich and sometimes even ZIL and ZIM cars still can be spotted on the streets being driven around. Our guide will show where to exchange a small banknote of 5 EUR or 5 US Dollars to have Transnistrian rubles and coins as a souvenir, and maybe even mail a postcard from a local post office of country that doesn't exist to yourself and to your friends. Just imagine how cool it is to receive a real postcard from nowhere, huh? ;)

BOOK Transnistria - Country that Doesn't Exist Tour RIGHT NOW

We will check out famous War Memorial in Tiraspol, where it will be possible to take photos of T-34 tank with yourself or even right on the tank, will walk along the central park of Tiraspol, and see a place where locals spend their leisure time in the summer - beach at Dniester river that is located in the very center of capital city. If weather permits, we will cross the Dniester river by a small Soviet ferry that is floating across the river just by itself as in a fairy tale and will visit the most famous Noul Neamt Monastery located in Kitskany village about 20 minutes drive from Tiraspol, where monks produce and sell wine made by themselves to support the ongoing repair and maintenance of the huge monastery complex.

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From Kitskany we will head on to Bender - the 2-nd largest city in Transnistria, where we will stop by Ethnographic Open Air Museum for some photos and will show you the biggest flea market in Transnistria, where it would be possible to purchase very cheap souvenirs. From there we will head on to Bender Fortress that was built back in 1538 by the invading Ottoman emperor Suleiman the Magnificent. Bender Fortress holds first place among places of interest in all Transnistria according to guidebooks.

After visiting Bender Fortress you will be able to taste either Transnistrian, Moldovian or Ukrainian cuisine during lunch in a national Transnistrian restaurant.

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Depending on how in advance you book our amazing Transnistria - country that doesn't exist tour, we will propose to visit one of these places - KVINT Cognac Distillery, Staraya Krepost brewery, take a cruise by the Dniester river, or maybe even take you on a tour to a huge sturgeon complex, where black caviar cultivation of fish takes place in completely recirculated system. Because Transnistria is like a communist country, depending on the day of your visit some of the abovementioned places of interest may be closed, or may require like a week or even 2 weeks in advance booking. Therefore we cannot guarantee that you will visit exactly all places that are listed above, but some places will be visited for sure!

We would strongly advise to take a tour of KVINT Cognac Distillery, which had been bought by Sheriff in 2006 after being a state-owned company for 109 years. Here you will be able to sample some of really luxurious brandies that are selling more than 25,000,000 litres each year earning almost 75,000,000 EUR of revenue in 2018 which amounts almost for 8 percent of Transnitria's GDP. KVINT sells more than 30 million bottles of brandy every single year. The quality of this fine spirit starts with the grapes, and Transnistria benefits from its proximity to the Black Sea and Dniester River. This territory is just perfect for growing a large number of grape varieties. KVINT uses more than 30 local and European varieties in its products, including bianca, cabernet sauvignon, saperavi and so on. On a tour to KVINT factory you will see the real alchemy that happens in the oak barrels, where the spirit turns from a clear, harsh distillate into liquid gold. Can you imagine about the divine flavours that seep into a barrel of the 50-year divin? Well, here you will be able to try different sorts of divins, from a classical 5-year old KVINT to a 40-year old Suvorov, and even a 50-year old Prince Wittgenstein, retail price of which is over 1500 EUR per bottle!

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Like Cuba... or maybe even like North Korea - Transnistria has become a tourist hotspot for adventure-seeking travellers aspiring to go back in time. The only difference between this place and North Korea is that Transnistria is an absolutely safe place, probably one of the safest places on Earth with almost no crime - only 1 prison which in fact is half empty - for more than 500,000 population! Soviet Union era is still alive here as you'll stumble across many statues of Lenin, Gagarin, Suvorov, Kutuzov, schools with pioneers, continuous propaganda of communism, Soviet style soda machines, newspaper stands, proud display of communist icons, and so on... It is really a place worth visiting with our professional guide by booking Exclusive tour - Transnistria, country that doesn't exist.

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If you decide to book this exclusive individual tour, please be sure to contact us in advance to discuss which places would be of interest to you the most.

We will do our best to tailor make this particular tour individually so it will be fascinating, enjoying, and full of fun unforgettable travel experience especially for you.

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Hope this information will be of interest to curious tourists and will answer all questions ;)

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