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Odessa Airport transfer and taxi service

Until 1-st September 2016 you can use discount code - SUPER-ECONOMY-SPOF20 either in booking form, in e-mail to us or in online chat, and we will be glad to provide transfer from Odessa International Airport to Odessa city center by economy class car for ONLY 15 US Dollars or 14 EUROs.

We are also offering SUPER ECONOMY Odessa transfer discount on roundtrip transfer service if your hotel or apartment is located in Odessa city center. Simply mention discount code - SUPER-ECONOMY-SPOFRTR20 when booking your transfer., and order roundtrip transfer from Odessa Airport and back to the Airport for ONLY 30 US Dollars or 28 EUROs.

And good news do not end here! On our most popular routes you can also order transfer by economy class car from Odessa to Nikolaev with SUPER ECONOMY discount for ONLY 65 EUROs or 70 US Dollars! Transfer from Odessa to Kherson with SUPER ECONOMY discount costs ONLY 80 EUROs or 90 US Dollars!

SUPER ECONOMY Discount Code for transfer from Odessa to Nikolaev is SUPER-ECO-SPOF20-MYK and SUPER ECONOMY Discount Code for transfer from Odessa to Kherson is SUPER-ECO-SPOF20-KHR. Be sure to mention them for dicount to take place!

Order roundtrip transfer from Odessa to Nikolaev and then back to Odessa Airport, or from Odessa to Kherson and back to Odessa and qualify for SUPER ECONOMY discount on your trip back! Promo code - SUPER-ECO-SPOFRTR20-MYK and SUPER-ECO-SPOFRTR20-KHR. Be sure to mention then when booking your transfer!

For ONLY 190 US Dollars or 179 EUROs transfer from Boryspil or Zhulyani Airport in Kyiv to Kharkiv by business class car Toyota Camry.

The same abovementioned price also applies to transfer from Khrakiv to any address in Boryspil, or Kyiv.

Order roundtrip transfer either from Boryspil or Kiev to Kharkiv and then back, and receive an astonishing 10% discount on your trip back. Promo code - KBPIEVKH101 . Be sure to mention it when booking your transfer!

For all our existing clients that have already used our services. Send us your video testimonial of any length, mention our Web site in it - OdessaTransfers.com , and get a special discount up to 30% on your next transfer from any airport in Ukraine.

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