Odessa Train Station Transfer and Taxi for ONLY 14 EUROs!


Arriving to Odessa, Kiev, or Lviv by train? We are offering unique Odessa train station transfer and taxi services, when our English speaking representative will meet you directly next to passenger car you will be arriving in, and take you to any address within city limits flawlessly in a comfortable car.

Cost of Odessa train station transfer to any address within city is ONLY 14 EUR or 15 US Dollars.
Cost of Kiev train station transfer to any address within Kiev is ONLY 18 EUROs or 20 US Dollars.
Cost of Lviv train station transfer to any address within Lviv is ONLY 14 EUROs or 15 US Dollars.

If you need to go to any city, settlement or village outside of Odessa, Kiev or Lviv you will surely enjoy our low cost Ukraine InterCity taxi service.

Cost of transfer to train station from any address within city is exactly the same as from train station to town, but you can save additional 20% on your second trip by booking roundtrip transfer from Odessa Transfers Group.

When you depart from Odessa, Kiev or Lviv by train, our representative will transfer you from your place of stay in the city, or from any other place outside of the city, drive you directly to railway station, and will help you with baggage meanwhile explaining and showing where you should go to catch your train.

Please note, that there is no information available at this time in English throughout Odessa train station, nor Kiev train station, nor Lviv train station. We always make sure you are never lost or confused while you are in Ukraine, and will assist you whether you arrive or depart from Odessa, Kiev or Lviv by train.

We can also purchase train tickets for you at any destination from Odessa, Kiev, or Lviv.

To book Odessa train station transfer, Kiev train station transfer or Lviv train station transfer, please fill in our booking form, or contact us anytime.

Odessa Train Station transfer and taxi service