Anti Scam Coaching - How to Find an Honest lady and not get Scammed


Not a secret to anyone that thousands of foreigners are coming to Odessa as well as to many other citiies in Ukraine every month to find their one and only perfect wife or a long term relationship with a local lady. Indeed, Ukrainian women are known all over the world as kind, genuine, honest, caring, excellent housekeepers, non-feministic, very beautiful and best mothers that any man can find for his children. All that is true of course, but... mostly all ex-USSR countries are known for scammers that just hunt for foreigners trying to get as much money out of them as possible.

It is sad but very true that there are really a lot of individual scammers and scammer dating agencies all over Ukraine and Russia - not only in big cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, but in smaller cities such as Nikolaev, Kherson, Cherkassy, Sumy, Berdyansk, Kremenchug, Krivoy Rog and many others, which are very famous for tens of thousands of scammers and gold diggers in each city. Unfortunately, majority of stories that you find on the Net about scam are true.

We work in transfer business mostly with foreign clients all over Ukraine since 1998 and in over 20 years have heard thousands of stories from our clients how they have been ripped off by girls in many cities around Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and other ex-USSR countries. For those clients that are really serious about starting a relationship we cooperate with a reputable detective agency in Odessa that specializes in all sorts of dating scam in addition to offering detective services. Such services are offered only to those clients who have been in some relationships with a lady and are stuck or want to move on to a next stage of their relationship.

For those people that are still searching for their one and only lady and who believe that they are just scammed over and over again Odessa 007 is offering individual one on one consultation or anti scam coaching with a scam expert. During anti scam coaching many men usually experience a paradigm shift, or call it a satori if you like. After consultation you are guaranteed to have a better understanding on how to move on with relationship and will have all your questions answered.

During this unique anti scam coaching you will find out in details answers to the following questions:

  • How to look for the right girl on dating Web sites?
  • Why nothing worked out with all previous girls you met in the past?
  • Which things should be avoided in corresponding with a girl you met?
  • In which particular situations should you be really careful?
  • How to find out on a spot if a girl seriously wants to start a relationship with you or just fooling around?
  • How to never get scammed with any girl you meet online or in real life?
  • Which restaurants should be visited and which ones should be avoided by all means?
  • How to behave correctly with Ukrainian girls and what should you do and not to do?
  • And much much more valuable information will be revealed...

Odessa 007 Detective Agency has gathered and analyzed myriad of information over last 20 years of their work before they started to offer that unique anti scam coaching back in 2017. Consultations and Anti Scam Coaching is done by professional experts that work in detective business for more than 10 years.

Price of Anti Scam Coaching is less than 2 visits to your favorite restaurant. Absolutely all your questions will be answered and professional advice and detailed plan will be given as to how you can find an honest non-scammer Ukrainian or Russian lady that many foreign men dream of. It will not be very easy though, but you will have a detailed roadmap straight away without spending years of valuable time on scammers with whom you have already been corresponding and lost those thousands of USD or EUR.

As one Ukrainian multi-billionaire oligarch had recently noted: Fool MUST BE scammed. If you think carefully about these really wise words you will understand that there is only one way of getting smarter and more experienced. Odessa 007 Detective Agency will make you a pro in finding a really honest Ukrainian or Russian girl and start a lifelong relationship. Or alternatively you can spend several years and tens of thousands of US Dollars or EUROs on travelling back and forth, booking hotels, paying for scamming restaurants and... eventually booking a consultation after spending valuable years of time and suffering as well as losing huge amounts of money... Everything is up to you ;)

If you decide once and for all to finally put an end to scam and start to really enjoy your life with a woman of your dreams, feel free to contact us or Odessa 007 Detective Agency directly to schedule an expert consultation or to book Anti Scam Coaching.

Professional anti scam consultation with an expert on how to find an honest lady