Odessa WiFi Internet Router - from ONLY 0.69 EUR or 0.79 USD per day


Want to be online at any time while in Odessa or almost anywhere in Ukraine? No problem! Just rent a wireless high-speed Internet WiFi router in Odessa with unlimited Internet access from Odessa Transfers Group, and use it with any gadgets - smartphone, laptop, tablet, notebook whenever you need to go online!

Wireless high-speed WiFi router has very compact size of 8 cm by 5 cm (3 inches x 2 inches) and can be easily carried in a pocket, or in a small bag. With built-in 2000 mAh powerful battery you can stay online for as long as 8 hours without charging router, and built-in antenna will let you carry the router easily almost anywhere imaginable. Connect up to 6 devices to router over WiFi and forget about paying high roaming charges for Internet as well as for roaming phone calls, as you will be able to easily chat for free over Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and other messengers, post photos and videos on Facebook, and always stay online with your business partners, family and friends while you are in Ukraine - from ONLY 0.69 EUR or 0.79 US Dollars per day!

Benefits of renting a wireless high-speed Internet WiFi router in Odessa:

  • Fast and reliable coverage in all big Ukrainian cities as well as more than 3500 other smaller cities and villages throughout Ukraine
  • Excellent Internet quality connection from 5 Mbps (from 600 kilobytes per second) up to 14.7 Mbps (that's right - almost 1.8 Megabytes per second)
  • WiFi router is compatible with absolutely any gadget that works over WiFi protocol

Our Service includes:

  • Rent of wireless high-speed Internet WiFi router
  • UNLIMITED amount of transferred traffic full time of rent (included in rent fee)
  • Router with cable for charging Internet WiFi router

Price (with UNLIMITED traffic included):

  • Daily rate: ONLY 3.33 EUR or 3.67 US Dollars per day (minimum 3 days)
  • Weekly rate: ONLY 15 EUR or 18 US Dollars per week
  • 2 Weeks rate: ONLY 25 EUR or 29 US Dollars for 2 weeks
  • Monthly rate: ONLY 35 EUR or 40 US Dollars per month
  • 2 Months rate: ONLY 45 EUR or 50 US Dollars per month

  • Minimal order - 3 days, rental fee is paid up-front
  • 40 EUR or 50 US Dollars refundable cash deposit is to be paid when picking up the device and is returned when device is returned back to Odessa Transfers Group's representative

To rent high-speed Internet WiFi router with unlimited Internet traffic in Odessa, simply state it when booking your transfer, or contact us and we'll deliver the device to you at any address within Odessa.