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One of the most popular questions our managers and drivers are asked on a frequent basis:
- How much time do we need overall to explore Odessa?
Well, our answer is usually:
- From about 5 days to maybe 1 year!

If you are visiting Odessa and really want to explore the city, find out it's history, taste and smell - you have opened just the right Web page! No matter if you have just a few hours or maybe several days to spare we have just the right combination of tours that will be of great interest to everyone.

Over the years we have gathered probably the most experienced team of expert, enthusiastic and professional English speaking guides in Odessa. They are all local - lived all their life in Odessa, have a great wealth of guiding experience, and most importantly - all of them are passionate about Odessa region and what they do! With our professional guides you will delve into many exciting stories about Odessa in very informative and fun to remember ways, will carefully research must-see places of interest as well as off the beaten path areas, which are very rarely shown to tourists making you experience Odessa to its fullest!

We are glad to offer quite extensive selection of tours some of which have been exclusively created by our professional guides. From themed walking tours in a historic city center to Undiscovered Odessa with visit to Ukraine’s most famous market Privoz and area which never sleeps - Arkadia - we offer more exclusive choices than any other tour company with English speaking guides.

All our tours are personal for small groups , that way we can assure you will not be running from one sight to another or being rushed in and out of the bus. Our private tours are fully customizable and let you go in full depth to what you love the most. We have possibility to even design a custom tour from a scratch so you will be listening to exactly what interests you most and not for instance some statistical figures that many guides operate with making tourists bored from the very beginning.

Please check out some of our most popular tours depending on how much free time you plan to spare and what you wish to see:
  • Overview of Odessa - walking Odessa city tour in the center of Odessa. Would be of interest to anyone who is interested to learn brief history of Odessa and see the most famous places of interest in the city.
    Duration : 2 - 2,5 hours.
    Price - 35 EUR or 39 US Dollars.

  • Odessa and Privoz - Odessa city tour combining overview of Odessa in the center and visit to the famous grocery market - the biggest grocery market in Ukraine - Privoz. In Odessa we say: if you have never visited Privoz - you have never been to Odessa.
    Duration : 3,5 - 4 hours.
    Price - 55 EUR or 59 US Dollars.

  • Extensive Odessa Tour - Odessa city tour combining overview of Odessa, Privoz and area of Odessa that never sleeps - Arcadia where you'll see finest beaches and the famous place where most of luxurious night life in Odessa takes place.
    Duration : 4,5 - 5 hours.
    Price - 69 EUR or 79 US Dollars.

  • ALL-IN Odessa Tour - Odessa tour combining all abovementioned tours with a tour of Odessa seashore and Moldovanka area, which was famous for many gangs and criminals living in there during Soviet era. Recommended if you want to see almost everything in Odessa.
    Duration : 5,5 - 6,5 hours.
    Price - 79 EUR or 89 US Dollars.

  • Secrets and Mysteries of Odessa Catacombs - Exclusive individual tour to famous Odessa Catacombs including visit to a secret Soviet anti-nuclear underground bunker. Unforgettable experience and photos from this tour - Guaranteed!
    Duration : 3 - 4 hours.
    Price - 90 EUR or 99 US Dollars.

  • The Akkerman Fortress Tour - visit the biggest fortress in Europe. We are driving outside of Odessa to see the town of Belgorod-Dnestrovksy and the White Fortress, which history dates back to the Middle Ages. On our way back you will be proposed to visit the Shabo wine factory, which was founded hundreds of years ago by the Swiss colonists where you will be able to try different sorts of wine.
    Duration: Around 6 hours.
    Price - from 129 EUR or 149 US Dollars.

  • Nikolaev from Odessa - City of Brides Tour - tour visiting famous city of Nikolaev (or Mykolaiv as it is also called from Ukrainian transliteration). You will be able to see Ukrainian landscapes on the way to and from Nikolaev and feel the Ukrainian culture and how countryside looks like.
    Duration : 6 - 7 hours.
    Price - from 139 EUR or 159 US Dollars.

  • Nikolaev and Kherson from Odessa Tour - tour visiting Nikolaev (or Mykolaiv as it is also called from Ukrainian transliteration) and former closed military city of Kherson.
    Duration : 8 - 9 hours.
    Price - from 199 EUR or 219 US Dollars.

  • Uman from Odessa Tour - tour visiting Uman and amazing Sofiyevka dendrological park - one of the most beautiful parks in the world with unique scenery, countless fountains, crystal blue lakes, artificial grottoes, rich collection of exotic plants, cascades of lakes with waterfalls and much more...
    Duration : 10 - 12 hours.
    Price - from 259 EUR or 299 US Dollars.

  • USSR Strategic Rocket Forces Military Base from Odessa Tour - explore in depth thoroughly ex-Soviet super secret military base - the ONLY one of such kind in the world, which has been turned into museum after denuclearization of Ukraine in 2003. Walk through an underground launch control center and on 11-th underground floor of bunker press that scary RED Button that should have been launching nuclear ballistic missiles. Famous SS-18 Satan missile can be seen here in full size, can be touched, photographed, plus many more Soviet nuclear rockets, missile silos, transport vehicles and so on...
    Duration : 11 - 12 hours.
    Price - from 229 EUR or 269 US Dollars.

  • Transnistria and Moldova Tour from Odessa - EXCLUSIVE tour which allows you to visit 2 countries Transnistria and Moldova - TOP-5 least visited countries in the world! We will visit Tiraspol - capital of country that doesn't exist - Transnistria and experience real comunism (something like in North Korea but very safe place comparing to Pyongyang). We will also be visiting Chisinau - capital of Moldova, and will have a lunch in one of cozy Moldovian restaurants.
    Duration : 12 - 14 hours.
    Price - from 269 EUR or 299 US Dollars.

  • Moldova Wineries from Odessa Tour (plus Chisinau) - EXCLUSIVE tour where you will visit at least 2 of the best wineries in the world - Purcari, Cricova or Milestii Mici! As a bonus we will also visit Chisinau - capital of Moldova, and will have a lunch in one of popular Moldovian restaurants.
    Duration : 12 - 14 hours.
    Price - from 269 EUR or 299 US Dollars.

Our prices are all inclusive with no hidden extras. You will never pay more than you were quoted!

If you are interested in any tour, please contact us anytime for scheduling when and where you want our guide to meet you.

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