Buy or rent GSM SIM card or WiFi modem in Ukraine for cheap calls and Internet


The best advice that a tourist can be given in terms of communications is: always to use SIM card with local number for cheap international and national outgoing and absolutely free incoming calls.

Odessa Transfers Group offers several solutions for it's clients:

  • SIM Card rental - perfect solution if you have a GSM unlocked telephone, and plan to come to Odessa once, or twice and do not plan to visit Ukraine in the nearest future
  • GSM Phone rental - ideal solution when your GSM phone is locked, or you do not want to remove your SIM card from your telephone
  • SIM Card purchase - excellent solution if you plan to visit Ukraine at least once a year
  • High speed WiFi Internet Router rental - cheapest way to stay online all day long - 24/7 for as little as 0.69 EUR or 0.79 USD per day! No traffic limitations, be online wherever and whenever you want to be!

Please see abovementioned pages for more information on solutions we offer to our clients while they are in Odessa, and forget about paying huge roaming fees to your operator! Should you require more information, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mobile phone and WiFi Internet router rent in Odessa