Child Seat in Odessa is available in our Taxi cars upon request

When it comes to SAFETY on the road in Odessa or from Odessa on any intercity route, SAFETY has always been, SAFETY is, and SAFETY will ALWAYS BE Odessa Transfers Group's priority NUMBER ONE!!!

When it comes to transfer your own child in a taxi, you have to be 125% sure that safety is even double or triple of its usual standards, and that it is not compromised in any way whatsoever.  With that philosophy in mind, if you are travelling with kids, we are glad to offer your most precious child in the world comfortable and safe child seat when you book a taxi in Odessa from Odessa Transfers Group.

Needless to say, that there are taxis in Odessa with variable driving standards that are sometimes pretty shocking. We would never suggest riding with your small child in a taxi without a child seat, even though we know a lot of parents in Ukraine do not bother with child seats.

Our clients can order a taxi in Odessa fitted with a child seat when booking a taxi on our Web site, or by letting us know about child seat requirement by contacting us in advance. Our cars are not driving around Odessa with a child seat, and most probably child seat has to be picked up from our office, or rented from a baby shop with which we cooperate for several years, so that is why we need to reserve in advance a child seat in Odessa ourselves. As it takes only a few minutes to secure the safety seat correctly, you will be sure that using one is very important for your child's safety, especially on highways from Odessa if you are about to take an intercity trip.

If you are travelling with a small child and have to book a taxi from Odessa Airport with a child seat, our managers will recommend you to book a comfort class car that will be equipped with seat belts needed to secure child seat properly. We also have minivans for big families or groups of people that can be equipped with child seats upon client's request.

For more information, to book a taxi with child seat in Odessa or to tell us about some special requirements for your child, please feel free to contact us anytime.