Ukraine SIM Card purchase - (VERY Cheap 4G Internet + FREE calls)


It is extremely wise to buy a local SIM card with Ukrainian number for your GSM phone if you plan to visit Ukraine at least once a year, or for more than 7 days to save on roaming. Odessa Transfers Group will purchase, activate (if needed), and mail to you a GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number to absolutely ANY COUNTRY worldwide!

Benefits of ordering SIM card with Ukrainian number from us are:

  • You will know your Ukrainian number in advance
  • Number is yours to keep (just be sure to top up at least 0.25 EUR once every 360 days, even while you are not in Ukraine through an operator's Web site)
  • National coverage of up to 99%
  • ALL incoming calls and SMS are FREE!!!
  • Your Ukrainian business partners and friends can call you for free from their mobile phones
  • SIM card may be used for your next trips to Ukraine
  • Your First Month of usage will be prepaid, so if you plan to stay in Ukraine for less than one month - no need to worry about anything!
  • VERY CHEAP national call rates - 600 - 1200 minutes will be prepaid for use in your first month!
  • AMAZINGLY CHEAP fast Mobile 4G Internet access - 10 - 20 GB will be included in your first month but should you need more - it is ONLY 2 EUR or 2.50 US Dollars for additional 10 GB of mobile traffic)
  • Print your Ukrainian number on your business cards that you give out in Ukraine

When you oder SIM card package from us, you are getting:

  • GSM SIM card start pack delivered to your home or business address by Air Mail
  • Translated in English all the instructions on how to make calls, add funds, check balance, etc...
  • SIM card activation in Ukraine (if needed)
  • International Roaming will be automatically activated without any extra charges
  • We can add funds to your new Ukrainian number in advance (if needed)


  • 15 EUR or 18 US Dollars for 1 GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number given to you upon arrival to any airport in Ukraine
  • 30 EUR or 35 US Dollars for 1 GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number sent by Air Mail to ANY COUNTRY worldwide
  • 35 EUR or 40 US Dollars for 1 GSM SIM card with Ukrainian number sent by Registered Air Mail Express to ANY COUNTRY worldwide.
    With Registered Air Mail Express option tracking number will be provided, so you will be able to track package while it is on the way.

Approximate Delivery Time:

  • 5 - 10 days to CIS countries
  • 7 - 10 days to EU countries, UK, Turkey
  • 10 - 14 days to USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Singapore
  • 14 - 21 days to African countries, South America and the rest of thw world
We mail all SIM cards through either Ukrainian national postal service operator the next day we receive your payment or in 3-4 working days from Europe and cannot be held responsible for any possible delays by Ukrposhta - national postal operator or European postal operator. Packages mailed by Registered Air Mail Express method can be tracked on it's way to you via Web site of national postal operator through which it has been mailed.

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