27 August 2015
Celebration of Independence Day in Odessa!
Odessa has celebrated 24-th year of Independence of Ukraine as never before in the entire history of the city!

This year celebration of Ukrainian Vishivanka festival has beaten its last record! Chain of people wearing Ukrainian Vishivanka was more than 1,5 kilometer (or more than 1 mile long) starting from the monument of Duke de Richelieu to the passenger terminal of Odessa sea port and back. More than 4000 people wearing vishivanka. Amazing!

There were many other interesting and exciting competitions taking place in Odessa. Impossible to describe that wonderful feeling that everybody was feeling at that day. Better to come here next year and see it all yourself...

Here are some of the photos to have a look how interesting and exciting it was on 24-th of August 2015 in Odessa:

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