1 April 2016
Odessa is Celebrating 1-st April!
Today is the 1-st of April which means that Odessa is celebrating Holiday of Humor and Laughter, which is traditionally celebrated in our city every year as Odessa is considered to be the capital of humor and laughter for more than 200 years already.

In the very center of Odessa - in City Garden there are many souvenirs and tasty food to buy. Music is playing in the center for the whole day and next to monument of Duke there are dancing and jokes competition with prizes. A lot of tourists attend this wonderful holiday every year, and celebrations will continue for 3 more days.

Weather is also wonderful, sunny and +22 degrees Celsius, which make it very comfortable to be outdoors, listening to music, watching concerts, participate in celebration and just drink great draught beer with sausages, or drinking coffee, herbal tea with cakes.

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