25 June 2016
Summer 2016 in Odessa! It is beach time!!!
Today is 25-th June, and there are 4 holidays ahead because of Constitution Day on 28-th June. Beaches are full starting from 7:00 AM and until about 19:00. Tourists and many students that passed their exams are spending time on the beach.

Almost impossible to book a hotel this summer in Odessa, as more and more tourists arrive to Odessa and Zatoka in Odessa region - the only place to spend time and relax next to Black Sea since annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Weather promises to be great for relaxation and beach time for the whole summer and even until the end of September. We wish to welcome everyone that plans to arrive and spend a couple of days, or weeks in our lovely Odessa. Just be sure to book hotel or apartment in Odessa in advance this year. It seems like we will have more tourists than ever before in 2016 here in Odessa.

Some photos from Odessa beaches for your observation:

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