25 August 2016
Independence Day Celebration 2016 in Odessa!
As usual Odessa has celebrated 25-th year of Independence of Ukraine on 24-th August 2016!

This year celebration of Ukrainian Vishivanka festival has beaten its last record. Chain of people wearing Ukrainian Vishivanka was almost 2 kilometers (or about 1.2 miles long) starting from the monument of Duke de Richelieu all the way across Potemkin stairs. There were EXACTLY 3351 people wearing vishivanka. SUPER!

As usual - a lot of interesting and exciting competitions were taking place in Odessa. Big concert and auto show was taken place in the center of Odessa, and of course, amazing fireworks at the end of the day. Even the rain that started in the evening could not scare people away from celebrations. We cincerely welcome you to come to Odessa next year and witness it all yourself...

Here are some of the photos from 25-th Celebration of Intependence day in Odessa:

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