8 March 2019
International Women Day in Odessa!
One of the most celebrated and long awaited holidays in Ukraine is, of course, 8-th of March when all women celebrate their special day!

Thanks to warm and sunny weather today 8-th March celebration in Odessa has started from the very morning. As usual there are a lot of shows in the city center, police is stopping women who are driving and present them with flowers congratulating and wishing all the best. This year women who work for police in Odessa were all on holiday, men in advance managed to organize work in such way, so that only men were working everywhere. About 25 volunteers are in the city with signs "Hug Me" have been spotted hugging especially those people who were not smiling.

As usual, all restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas in Odessa were full, you had to reserve a table several days in advance. Street market on Deribasovskaya is busy all day long. In the evening it was possible to winess flowers made of lots of small light bulbs - amazing piece of artwork.

Here are some of the photos from the 8-th March celebration in Odessa:

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