17 March 2019
Happy St. Patrick Day, Odessa!
Odessa is celebrating 10-th time in a row St. Patrick Day. Back in 2009 famous Odessa brewer - Mr. Sergey Parhisenko began celebrating this wonderful holiday. 10 years after many people in Odessa desperately wait for this holiday to gather in the center of Odessa and celebrate, have fun and just drink good craft beer, which is extremely cheap in Ukraine - ONLY 1.25 EUR per 0.5 litre glass!

This year organizers of this holiday in Odessa decided to offer FREE BEER to everyone with an Irish passport at this day! So, if you are Irish and happen to be in Odessa on 17-th March 2019, you drink as much beer as you possible can - and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE for you today.

You can view some photos from this celebration to experience at least a little bit of joy, happiness and maybe even a smell of free beer at this wonderful day.

Lucky Irish man, who could drink as much beer as he wanted ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE !!!

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