1 July 2023
Ukrainian government decided to return back full VAT and to raise the import tax for all fuels...

On 1-st March 2022 Ukrainian government cancelled import tax for petrol, diesel and LPG as well as lowered the VAT rate from standard 20% down to 7%. It was done to support the Ukrainian business and economy. Unfortunately, as of today, 1-st July 2023 even though businesses and economy still experiences a lot of problems, Ukrainian government decided to return back full VAT rate for petrol, diesel and LPG to the standard rate of 20%.

Also import tax will be returned gradually. As of today, import tax of 10% is in effect and will be rising in the following months.

Because of such raise in VAT rate and implementation of import tax, all fuel in Ukraine became 13% more expensive in a single day! We expect all fuels to rise in price about 30% minimum during the next months, so please check with us if price for desired trip is valid when you are booking an intercity transfer and especially an international transfer.

We will do our best not to raise price more than 9% on short destinations, and more than 7% on long destinations for the time being!

Thanks a lot for your understanding and we continue to work and provide intercity transfers as well as international taxi services in Ukraine.

As usual we are available by email at - , by telephone +380-673-888-888 (which is also available on Viber and WhatsApp), or by online chat that you can access from any page of our Web site.

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