25 June 2016
Summer 2016 in Odessa!
Summer in Odessa is amazing as always. Many tourists and beaches full with beautiful girls!
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1 April 2016
Odessa is Celebrating 1-st April!
Odessa is known as the capital of humor. 1-st of April is a big holiday in our city!
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17 January 2016
Odessa is under heavy snowstorm!
Odessa is covered with 40 cm of snow already, and it continues to snow...
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2 September 2015
Birthday of Odessa Celebration!
Photographs from celebration of Odessa Birthday. Happy 221-st Birthday, our dearest city!
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27 August 2015
Celebration of Independence Day in Odessa!
Photographs from the biggest celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine in Odessa ever.
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24 August 2015
Independence Day of Ukraine in Odessa!
Odessa celebrates 24-th year of Independence of Ukraine as never before this year!
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25 June 2015
Transfer between Kharkiv and Boryspil or Kiev for ONLY 190 US Dollars or 179 EUROs by business class car.
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WiFi 3G Internet access in our cars is now available.
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All roads in Odessa as well as highways to Nikolaev, Kherson and Kiev have been cleaned from snow and have been opened!
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Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson remain the hostage of snow today, but finally it stopped snowing.

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