GSM Phone Rental


If you plan to come to Ukraine only once or twice, and your GSM telephone is either locked by your local GSM operator, or your phone is not GSM compatible, it would be wise to rent a GSM phone with local SIM card with Ukrainian number. Odessa Transfers Group will provide you with a GSM telephone with Ukrainian number SIM card in it upon your arrival.

Benefits of renting GSM phone with SIM card with Ukrainian number SIM card are:

  • you know your Ukrainian number in advance
  • no need to purchase GSM phone you will not need after you depart from Ukraine
  • national coverage of up to 99%
  • all incoming calls and SMS are free
  • your Ukrainian business partners and friends can call you almost for free
  • extremely cheap call rates to the US, Israel, China, India (only 0.035 USD per minute), and Europe (from 0.075 EURO per minute)
  • cheap national call rates (only 0.05 EURO per minute)
  • ability to notify all your business partners and relatives in advance of your Ukrainian number while you are away from your country

When you rent GSM telephone with Ukrainian number SIM card from us, you are getting:

  • GSM telephone with Ukrainian number SIM card given to you right after your arrival by our driver
  • Translated in English all the instructions on how to make calls, add funds, check balance, etc.
  • We can add as much funds as you wish to your number in advance if you plan to make a lot of calls


  • daily rate: 4 US Dollars per day (minimum 3 days)
  • weekly rate: 20 US Dollars per week
  • monthly rate: 50 US Dollars per month


  • Minimal order - 3 days, rental fee is paid up-front
  • 50 USD refundable cash deposit is to be paid when picking up the device and is returned when device is returned back to Odessa Transfers Group's representative
To rent a GSM phone with SIM card simply state in when booking your transfer, or contact us in advance.