Bus & Train Tickets


Sometimes need arises to go very quickly to another town, or settlement, or a village. If you are at home, and familiar with bus and train schedules, and where to get tickets - you are OK. But what to do when you are in a foreign country, and such need arose? You can't explain anything to anyone because nobody speaks English, nor any other language you might know, like French, German, Spanish and so on...

Odessa Transfers Group will assist you in purchasing the right tickets quickly, transferring you comfortably from apartment or hotel to a bus or train station explaining on the way where you have to go, and what to do, even carrying your luggage to a bus or railcar and showing you exactly from where you depart.

We will make sure you get needed tickets quickly and will take all the hassles there might be in buying bus or train tickets for you.

Please contact us in advance, if possible, in order to assist you the best way in purchasing right tickets for you.