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If you've ever envied the celebrities who have personal assistants, then look no further. Think of this as time share personal assistants. VIP Odessa Concierge has a professional, experienced staff waiting to fulfill your every whim. No job is too great or too small!

Odessa Concierge managers can do everything from booking a VIP car for you on an hourly or daily basis, booking comfortable and hassle-free enjoyable travel, getting tickets to sold-out events or hard-to-get dinner reservations, and so on... What would you do if you arrive anywhere in Ukraine, and all hotels have already been booked and you cannot find any place to stay for the night? Correct! You will just have to contact us.

Odessa Concierge professionals provide full range of Personal Assistant Services in Odessa and nationwide. Our services are provided on a temporary, permanent, on-call or seasonal basis. Our personal assistants are resourceful, loyal, organized, tactful and discreet. We guarantee to provide you with services required to run your life effortlessly. From household provisioning, professional organizing, event planning, shopping and personal errands, to home and business administrative services, let us assist you - save your valuable time and make your life much easier.

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VIP Odessa Concierges specialize in out of the ordinary requests. Need to find that special medicine that is nowhere to buy? Maybe a pedigreed goat's milk for children that are allergic to cow's milk? Delivery of pizza or any food in the middle of the night? Contact us and consider it done!

Over the years, VIP Odessa Concierges have developed a vast network of contacts that enable us to provide our clients with recommendations in Odessa and nationwide from A - antiques, aromatherapists and audio/visual equipment to Z - zoos, Zinfandel and zipper repairs. Whether seeking a referral for a meeting planning facility, a personal shopper with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, a celebrity dentist, a gentle veterinarian or unique gift presentation and proposal ideas, VIP Odessa Concierge Service has a network of resources to lead clients to the kind of talent they exactly need.

We are providing private staffing, project management, purchasing, relocation, luxury real estate renting and purchasing, interior rearranging, organizing and design services, property management, branding, image management, all kinds of time management options and much much more...

Just one contact with Odessa Concierge Service in 99% cases will solve all your problems and will fulfill all your needs and desires instantly and effortlessly.

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