For Clients of Dating and Marriage Agencies in Ukraine and CIS countries


Many researches show that more than 25 000 Russian non-English speaking women successfully marry English-speaking men from all over the world each year and many more couples communicate with each other on a frequent basis.

Unfortunately, many other researches show that more than 80% of all dating agencies and marriage agencies in Ukraine as well as in other CIS countries ARE PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS. From our experience we know that about 97% of all dating agencies in Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson ARE SCAMMERS that want to get the most amount of money from foreigners and list beautiful girls on their Web sites just as their own employees spreading income 50/50 between agency and a girl. Needless to say that almost nobody from those girls wants or even plans to get married.

Practice shows that the bigger a marriage agency is, the more scam this agency brings into this world. Almost 98% of those so called success love stories are written by copywriters just to get your hard earned cash for the agency and for the girl to pay for cosmetics, clothes, barber shop services, good food and vacations with their husbands and boyfriends to foreign countries. Private detectives with whom we cooperate say that more than 50% of those girls on dating Web sites are happily married and take this dating business just as their everyday job, fooling around hundreds of thousands of men from all over the world.

We can help you with consultations and advice how not to be fooled and scammed by dating agencies in Odessa, and in any CIS country in general. We can help you with figuring out exactly what agency or girl wants from you just by asking several questions. We will not let unfair people scam you and get your hard earned money for nothing.

We urge you to always use a different interpreter, NOT the translator provided by dating agency! Our revolutionary ANTI-SCAM Interpreter service revealed almost in 99% cases that translation done by interpreter from a dating agency is incorrect and interpreters say nice things that girl you are meeting doesn't even think about. Then by taking you to restaurants where you will be provided with special menu with prices usually at least 300% higher, paying for meetings to a dating agency, to interpreter and for the restaurants you will be getting more and more scammed and girl after that will disappear leaving you blaming yourself that you did something wrong. But, it is just one of many scam schemes that we know very well and can will be able to let you know straight away if you are being fooled or if the girl is honest with you.

We have more than 21 years of experience and heard thousands of stories how girls and agencies in Ukraine scam foreign men. With all that experience and knowledge we have all the possibilities and resources needed to help you find out if the girl is honest with you or not. We strongly recommend to get a consulation with professionals who will guide you through all possible scam scenarios before even calling a girl on a date.

For pricing or to find out how we can help you not being scammed please contact us anytime to discuss your particular case...

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