Our Standard Class Cars - Ukraine Taxi and Transfers


Our stardard class cars for transfers and taxi in Ukraine are the most affordable and budget choice. Up to 3 passengers, 2 pieces of big luggage and even 2 additional handbags can be easily transported in all stardard class cars. Of course there is a more comfortable choice by booking a comfort class car or an estate wagon if you have more than 3 pieces of big luggage, but stardard class cars remain the best choice for 60% of our clients.

Here are some of our standard class cars (click on small images to see the photo of real car that may be used during your transfer), but we have many more options in all Ukrainian cities:

If you have a lot of luggage, or oversized luggage, we would recommend you to book an estate wagon car or a comfortable minivan.

Should you wish to ask us for a recommendation or advice of a suitable car for your particular journey, or to find out about some special deals for the date of your desired trip, feel free to contact us anytime.