Hourly Car with Driver Rental in Odessa from ONLY 15 EUROs!


Odessa Transfers Group provides hourly car rent with English speaking driver. Such short term with driver rental service is very popular. Car with driver can be rented for up to 12 hours per day.

If you need to visit several places in town, point-to-point transfer services and cross-city transfer services are just in the scope of such hourly with-driver rental, and is much more affordable than if you use local taxi service (in addition to this, local taxi drivers don't speak any English).

There is no mileage limitations within city limits, and you pay only for full hours from the time you book hourly car rental service. The cost of hourly with-driver rental also covers the fuel charge, so you will not pay anything extra for the gas filling in the course of using the car.

Hourly car rental with English speaking driver by economy class car costs only 15 EURO or 18 US Dollars per hour, with minimum order of 3 hours. If you order car for more than 5 hours, after 5-th hour charges are 12 EURO or 13 US Dollars per each additional hour. Cost of minivan is only 20 EURO or 23 US Dollars per hour, with a minimum order of 3 hours.

Should you wish to order a comfort class car, or a business class car, please contact us in advance for price quote and car availability. If you need a VIP car, or a limousine, please try to contact us well in advance for choosing exactly the right car for your special needs. You can also fill in our taxi booking form, but please try to order at least 2 days in advance a comfort class car, 3 days in advance for a business class car, and 5 days in advance for VIP class car or a limousine.

Please contact us in advance, if possible, to pick the right car for you, or fill in our taxi booking form.