Zaporozhye Airport Transfer for ONLY 18 EUR or 20 US Dollars. No prepayment!


We are offering Zaporozhye Airport Taxi and transfer service to Zaporozhye city, as well as intercity transfer service from Zaporozhye Airport to anywhere within Ukraine.

As known, Zaporozhye Airport, IATA code - OZH, is the airport located about 17 km or 10 miles away from Zaporozhye city center. Zaporozhye airport is one of the oldest Ukrainian airports that started it's operation back in 1945 and the airport building to which everybody arrives is one of the oldest in the country - it hasbeen built in 1965 and nothing has been reconstructed or rebuilt from that time. Everyone who is travelling to Zaporozhye Airport is guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience, like you will exit from customs control area straight to the street as there is no arrivals terminal hall in this airport... and there has never been any arrivals hall in this airport anyway. So, be prepared to look out for our driver on the street once you exit there with your luggage. Sometimes you may also note that it may be called as Zaporizhia International Airport or Zaporizhzhya International Airport - that is the same name just taken from Ukrainian language transliteration of the name Zaporozhye.

We recommend you to book Zaporozhye Airport taxi prior to your arrival to Zaporozhye Airport to ensure our English speaking driver will be waiting for you just outside arrivals area with a sign where your name will be clearly printed on. You will then be escorted by a comfortable car to your hotel, or apartment in Zaporozhye, or to any other city where you will plan to stay.

Advantages of our Zaporozhye Airport Transfer service from Odessa Transfers Group are:

  • You will be sure that our English speaking driver will be waiting for you upon your arrival
  • You will pay exact price that you will already know in your confirmation e-mail
  • You will be absolutely safe on your way to your final destination
  • You will never have to pay any additional fees if your flight is delayed for any reason
  • You will get assistance from our driver with carrying your luggage
  • You will get a whopping 20% discount if you order our roundtrip transfer service by car
  • You will not prepay anything right now when you make booking, you pay the agreed amount to the driver when you arrive at your final destination!

Price of Zaporozhye Airport taxi from Zaporozhye Airport to absolutely any address in Zaporozhye by comfortable car is ONLY 20 US Dollars (or 18 EUR) - we guarantee it is the lowest price on the market today.

Zaporozhye Airport Taxi

You don't pay anything at the time of booking !
Agreed price is paid to the driver upon your arrival !
Please make your booking in advance !
Alternatively, contact us anytime if you have any questions.

For Your convenience: You can also pay in UK Pounds, Ukrainian hryvnias, CZK, PLN, Canadian dollars or in other currency upon prior agreement with us.

You can also order Zaporozhye Airport taxi by minivan from Zaporozhye Airport if you have a lot of luggage, or if you come to Zaporozhye with a group of up to 8 people. Cost of Zaporozhye Airport transfer by minivan from Zaporozhye Airport to any address in Zaporozhye is ONLY 29 US Dollars (or 27 EUR). As with transfer by car, you pay the agreed amount to our driver when you arrive at your final destination! No prepayment necessary for even minivan bookings!

Price of taxi from any address in the city to Zaporozhye Airport is the same as from Zaporozhye Airport to Zaporozhye city. You can save an enormous 20% for your second trip if you order a roundtrip transfer by economy class car, or a comfort class car!

All you have to do is fill in our booking form, or just contact us at the most convenient way for you.

If your group is up to 17 people, we can offer you a Zaporozhye Airport transfer by minibus, and if your group is really large - up to 50 people, our Zaporozhye Airport transfer by bus will be the perfect choice. For more information and prices of these offers, please contact us in advance.

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