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Odessa - is the most beautiful city on Earth, that's what most people that live in Odessa would say from all their hearts. And it is true if you visit Odessa at least once, especially in summer.

However, if something excellent is on one side, there should always be something not pleasant on the other, right? And the other side in Odessa that is really unsatisfactory, as well as throughout Ukraine - is a network of public transport.

It is even difficult to describe what kind of buses are used on intercity routes, taking into consideration that to say that roads in Ukraine are not perfect - is really to say nothing at all. Travelling by train may also be a very unpleasant experience, since trains that are used today were built more than 60 years ago - none of them have air conditioners, and when it's cold heating system is turned on to the maximum extent possible, so it is difficult to breathe in railway wagon.

For almost 19 years, Odessa Transfers Group provides InterCity Taxi Services throughout Ukraine and Moldova. No matter which class of car you choose - economy, comfort, business, VIP, minivan, or even a bus for your town to town trip - we assure you'll be 102% satisfied with passenger transport service from our company.

For your information, in this section of our Web site we gather most popular routes that our clients order from our company. Should you need to go to any place in Ukraine that is not listed here, as well as from any place that you will not be able to find on our Web site, please feel free to contact us anytime in the most convenient way for you, and we'll provide you with required quote and outstanding taxi service.

It's our pleasure to serve you!