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Ukrainian city of Nikolaev (or Mykolaiv as it is also commonly called from Ukrainian transliteration) was founded in 1789 by Lord Grigory Potemkin. For some time there was no name for this specific settlement - it was a shipyard from the very beginning. Later, Grigory Potemkin commanded to call the city Nikolaev to commemorate the capture of the fortress of Ochakov, belonged to the Turks on the day of St. Nicholas. Nikolaev was not just a city where ships were built. For quite a long time here were the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet and by the end of the XIX century Nikolaev was the third port in all Russian Empire in terms of foreign trade.

Tour Duration

6  -  7 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

6 km  or  4 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

295 km   or   180 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people

from 139 EUR  or  159 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people

from 199 EUR  or  229 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people

from 299 EUR  or  339 US Dollars

Lunch in Nikolaev restaurant for 1 tourist ***

about 10 EUR  or  12 US Dollars

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There are many things to do in Nikolaev - it is always crowded in famous zoo of Nikolaev on Leontovich square, as zoo in Nikolaev is considered to be one of the best zoos in Europe. Zoo was founded even before the 1917 Revolution. However, then it was a private aquarium and museum. Today in the zoo there are more than five thousand animals and species from lions to meerkats. There is even a separate area for pets - Granny's hut. Unbelievable, but the zoo in Nikolaev has its anthem and even a postage stamp !

There are many things to see in Nikolaev, such as famous Ukrainian Disneyland - children's playground and entertainment complex which is called Fairy Tale on Dekabristov street, which has tens of thousands of fans and admirers. Each building here is associated with some fairy tale or folk hero. Or it is possible to see the ancient Wild Garden - an ancient settlement and the remains of the Cimmerian settlement of the XII century BC. Shukhov Tower - 25-meter pride of the city, as well as many churches and temples around the city.

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BUT... Nikolaev has known worldwide for many years now as the City of Brides. You will find out from our professional English speaking guide why it is indeed a city of brides, where the most beautiful women in Ukraine live up to this day as well as why so many men from all over the world are coming to Nikolaev to find a love of their life.

On the way back from Nikolaev you will also be proposed to visit a small and cozy city - Yuzhniy with it's famous fountains and the biggest beauty school in Ukraine.

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Below you can see some real girls that you can meet anytime walking on the streets of Nikolaev. All photographs below are of real girls that live in Nikolaev at the moment of publishing this page (i.e. May 2017).

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