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We are very glad to provide an Exclusive romantic Uman from Odessa Tour to a small, friendly and cozy city of Uman (which is located 290 km (or 180 miles) away from Odessa) where world famous dendrological park Sofiyevka is situated and occupies the area of more than 150 hectares. Individual Uman from Odessa Tour is without exaggeration - tour to one of the most beautiful parks in the world, created and looked after by the leading dendrologists and architects from Western Europe for very rich and famous Polish mogul - Stanislav Pototskiy, who built this amazing park especially for his young wife Sofia.

Tour Duration

10  -  12 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

6 km  or  4 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

590 km   or   370 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people

from 269 EUR  or  299 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people

from 359 EUR  or  399 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people

from 479 EUR  or  539 US Dollars

Lunch in Uman restaurant for 1 tourist ***

about 9 EUR  or  10 US Dollars

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Without shadow of the doubt, Sofiyevka (or Sophyivka park in Uman, or Sofyivka park in Uman) is considered an outstanding creation of world landscape gardening art. Uman Park is the masterpiece of landscape composition of water, land, architectural works and sculptures of 17-th and 18-th centuries. There are only some similar parks to Sophievka in the world and this amazing picturesque place is called a fairy tale land taking into account how everything is so unusually, romantically and beautifully designed here! By taking Uman from Odessa tour you will discover the English Park, where the rich collection of exotic plants from all over the world is gathered together in one place and will see unique cascades of lakes and waterfalls. You will be impressed with unique scenery, countless fountains, crystal blue lakes, artificial grottoes and refined, full of grace sculptures of antique philosophers, gods and goddesses. And for sure - gentle flower meadows will not leave you indifferent to this amazement!

During Uman from Odessa tour you will get acquainted with the masterpiece of landscape art with the spirit of Greece: the white statues of Greek gods, the Crete labyrinth and of course - the underground river that leads to the gloomy kingdom of Hades. You will also discover a fascinating love story of Stanislav Pototskiy and beautiful Greek girl - Sofia Witt, when in 1796 Stanislav Pototskiy decided to recreate a corner of Greece and to present it to his beloved wife so that it would remind her about her native land. Gift was presented to Sofia in 1802.

Upon arrival to Uman from Odessa we will start our exploration from the Main Alley which is beautifully lined with chestnuts and lindens that go all the way to the Lower Pond. The so-called Rose Pavilion dominates at the Island of Love, which is located on the Upper Pond. The park's attractions were designed to be based on contrast and on swift changes of impression. We will also see The Valley of Giants - remarkable scenery design with its chaotic conglomeration of granite boulders, which looks as though giants themselves really built it.

A special place in Sofiyivka belongs to the Dead Lake, from where we can take a boat that floats into the Styx River – 224 meters underground river, a man-made canal going through the stone thickness without any artificial illumination. At the entrance to this grotto and on the bank of the pond there are white-marble statues of ancient gods and heroes as well as of real historical personages.

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*** During Uman from Odessa tour you will have a possibility to try real famous Ukrainian cuisine with worldwide known village soup and barbecue in a national restaurant for as low as about 9 EUR or 10 US Dollars per person for the whole lunch and will be able to buy very cheap souvenirs from Uman Sofiyevka park to remind yourself of this unforgettable tour.

Of course we cannot describe here on a single page all the beauty and thousands of impressions you will be experiencing throughout our Uman from Odessa tour. You just have to see it all yourself!

To book an individual Uman from Odessa tour or any other tour with professional English speaking guide, please contact us in advance to schedule date, time and place where you want our guide to pick you up, or just fill in our simple Odessa tour booking form.

Book EXCLUSIVE Uman from Odessa Tour Right NOW

Book EXCLUSIVE Uman from Odessa Tour Right NOW