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Odessa has really many tourist attractions for everyone. One of the most popular attractions is of course - Odessa Catacombs. For those unfamiliar with such word, catacombs are a huge network of underground tunnels and mazes that run through all Odessa city and Odessa region. Odessa is proudly the leader in longest network of underground tunnels in the world - the lenth of Odessa catacombs is between 2500 to 3000 kilometers (1550 and 1850 miles)!!! Can you imagine that? ;)

In fact, we offer several tours to Odessa catacombs but the most interesting and easy tour for most tourists is - Secrets and Mysteries of Odessa Catacombs. For English speaking tourists it is a 100% individual tour with a professional English speaking guide, who has been a digger and a member of resque team for more than 15 years. Even though such skills are not required at all on this particular Odessa Catacombs Secrets and Mysteries tour, you will be fascinated to learn as much as you can in these 2.5 - 3 hours that you will spend underground with a professional guide whose heart and soul belongs to those mines.

Tour Duration

3  -  4 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

4 km  or  3 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

15 km   or   10 miles

Price of Odessa Catacombs tour for 4 tourists

90 EUR  or  99 US Dollars

Price of Odessa Catacombs tour for 8 tourists

135 EUR  or  149 US Dollars

Price of tour for a larger group

Please contact us

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Abovementioned ALL IN price already includes your pick up from a hotel or apartment in the center of Odessa by a car or minivan, transfer to Odessa catacombs and upon end of underground catacombs tour we will take you back to a hotel or apartment, or just can drop you off somewhere in the city center.

As a special bonus to all our clients, you will be offered a cup of tea with gingerbread in an improvised underground bar to feel how people that stayed in catacombs during different times actually lived and survived there.

Unlike catacombs in Rome and Paris that were mainly used as cemeteries, Odessa catacombs are actual underground tunnels from where limestone was extracted specially for building purposes and because of really good quality of limestone, as you may have already guessed - limestone is mined up to this day in Odessa region, so Odessa catacombs continue to expand up to this day!

You are welcome to view a photo gallery of mining limestone in modern days.

Even though nobody was ever officially buried in Odessa catacombs, this place is full of fascinating legends, mysteries and undiscovered secrets some of the most interesting you will surely hear from our professional English speaking guide on a tour to Odessa catacombs. In fact, as founder of Odessa, famous Jose de Ribas once said - Odessa was built on its own and from its own material.

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You will be guided through a Soviet Union anti-nuclear bunker that was built several years after the World War II during Cold War period. Especially tour will be interesting for US citizens because they can witness how this super bunker was built and will see propaganda materials of that time against USA. We will guide you through a secret Soviet bunker that could hold up to 2000 people for several weeks, will visit places where smugglers were hiding from police during Soviet times, will find out how illegal trade was in progress for almost 120 years, where partisans lived during World War II and why German nazi could not find any of them. You will have a glance at so called Wild Catacombs as well, where professional diggers and underground enthusiasts spend years of their lives exploring and trying to find hidden treasures in those labyrinths.

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Our guide will tell you many interesting mysteries about this place and possible treasures that were probably hidden somewhere in Odessa catacombs. On the walls during tour you will notice many different paintings - especially pictures of ships. According to very famous legend, a Jewish jeweller from Odessa was on a board of Titanic and was saved with his wife. Upon arrival back to Odessa he carved out a small copy of Titanic ship from pure gold as a memory of his almost magical resque. It was quite a big copy of Titanic that weighed between 15 kg and 25 kg from pure gold. During October Revolution in 1917 he had to quickly escape away from Odessa, but could not take this golden Titanic ship with him and had to hide it somewhere in Odessa catacombs to return for it later when Soviets would be defeated. It took a bit longer for Soviets to be defeated, so legend says that he died in Antwerp right before beginning of World War II, but his children found a map where golden ship was hidden in Odessa catacombs. Legend continues from there on that his children arrived in 1970s to Odessa and tried to locate that golden ship, then again someone with a map was in Odessa in 1980s, then in 2000s grandchildren of that jeweller were in Odessa and legend has no ending as sometimes it is possible to hear from diggers that great grandchildren of this guy are still trying to find that golden piece of masterpiece.

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VERY IMPORTANT INFO: constant climate maintains in catacombs all year round, which is about 13 degrees Celsius (about 55 degrees Fahrenheit) with humidity of 80% - 90% . We would recommend to wear sports shoes or sneakers and bring a coat with you in summer time. At the very beginning of tour our guide will provide every person in group with a helmet and a flashlight.

We can write and speak forever about this amazing place in Odessa but as one wise man said: It is better once to see than 1000 times to read, so if you are interested in individual Secrets and Mysteries of Odessa Catacombs tour, please fill in a booking form or simply contact us anytime.

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Especially for young tourists who are fit and have some experience in going underground we also offer Odessa Wild Catacombs tour. With professional English speaking guide you can spend from 6 to 48 hours underground exploring places that have been visited by very few people and even check out some really extreme dungeons of Odessa catacombs labyrinths. Such tour has to be booked at least two or even three weeks in advance, so if you are interested in Odessa Wild Catacombs tour, please be sure to contact us in advance.

You are welcome to view some photos from Odessa Wild Catacombs tour.