Odessa All In tour - 5+ hours Odessa city tour. For ONLY 69 EUROs.

Odessa All-in tour - the most extensive individual Odessa tour. This unique tour combines itself from Odessa Overview tour, Odessa and Privoz tour, tour to Arcadia - place that never sleeps, and in addition to this you will see popular Lanzheron beach where dolphinarium Nemo with its famous Odessa Nemo hotel with dolphins is situated, and where lots of locals come to the beach.

Tour Duration

5  -  6 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

8 km  or  5 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

40 km   or   25 miles

Price of tour

69 EUROs  or  79 US Dollars

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This particular Odessa All-in tour as said above combines all Odessa tours. Recommended for those who want to experience Odessa to its fullest and have more than half of a day to spare.

During this tour you will see many new and old buildings, how people in Odessa live, what they do, what they enjoy, where locals prefer to eat and where locals spend their time for entertainment. We will be able to witness the diversity of architectural styles in Odessa - Renaissance, Baroque, Stalinka, modern and eclectic architecture styles.

We will visit the famous park Shevchenko - the largest city park in which you will see an oak which was planted by Emperor Alexander II, will see the commercial part of Odessa Seaport, will see the largest football stadium in Odessa - Chernomorets. We will also see admirable French boulevard where the richest Odessa citizens live.

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