Transnistria and Moldova Tour from Odessa for ONLY 269 EUR or 299 USD


Exclusive and absolutely unique Transnistria and Moldova Tour from Odessa is offered ONLY by our company as of October 2016 with professional local English speaking guide who lived in Transnistria almost all his life.

If you want to experience and feel how people lived in Soviet Union during communism era - there is no need to visit North Korea (which is pretty hard these days and not so safe anyway). During your visit to Odessa we will be glad to propose our amazing Transnistria and Moldova Tour from Odessa that becomes more and more popular with each year.

Tour Duration

12  -  14 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

7 km  or  5 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

420 km   or   250 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people (economy car)

from 269 EUR  or  299 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 3 people (comfort car)

from 319 EUR  or  349 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people

from 359 EUR  or  399 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people

from 499 EUR  or  559 US Dollars

Lunch in Chisinau restaurant for 1 tourist **

about 10 EUR  or  12 US Dollars

Optional 2.5 hours Tour to Cricova winery ***

about 28 EUR  or  30 US Dollars

Optional Bender Fortress 1.5 hours guided tour

20 EUR  or  25 US Dollars

Bender Fortress entrance ticket for 1 tourist

about 2.5 EUR  or  3 US Dollars

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A lot of tourists that arrived to Odessa had been asking us to see something unusual that is very rarely seen by regular tourists. Once, in August 2016 during peak tourist season we were asked several times by groups of British, American and Swedish tourists about possibility to see Transnistria and Chisinau with an English speaking guide while they were visiting Odessa for a couple of days. Following the most impostant business principle: if there is a demand there must be supply we finally found a guide who lived in Transnistria for 27 years and moved to Odessa a couple of years ago.

On 19-th October 2016 it was the first tour from Odessa to Tiraspol and Chisinau. Our clients were so impressed, amazed and happy with the tour that we carefully worked on the route for several months, chose the best places of interest to check out, received necessary licenses to easily cross the borders with foreign tourists and finally as of March 2017 we are proud to offer Exclusive Transnistria and Moldova from Odessa tour with a local English speaking professional guide that will reveal everything he knows about this amazing place - a so called country that doesn't exist.

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During this tour our guide will shorlty acknowledge you with history of Transnistria - country which functions since 1990 as a state with very limited recognition that claims territory to the East of the Dniester river. You will see that despite Transnistria's non-recognition, it actually has legislative and executive authorities as well as an army, it's own constitution, flag, emblem and anthem. Citizens of Transnistria have their own currency - Transnistrian ruble and passports, which are invalid absolutely everywhere but Transnistria.

We will walk through the main street of Tiraspol, will see Soviet style building of mayor's office in Tiraspol and Parliament building, many statues of Lenin, kiosks where newspapers are sold (yes, people that live here read more newspapers than spend time online) and will visit a local flea market where very cheap stuff is sold. In central bookshop that we will visit on our walking part of a tour you will be able to buy some souvenirs with Soviet symbolic, like mugs, calendars, postcards and some brochures.

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You will witness unique kolkhoz in Transnistria with the name Put Lenina (The Lenin Way). The kolkhoz - a residue of the Soviet period - is a collective farm which belongs to the state and most probably will see children in the countryside that are involved in the household from a very early age, sometimes having to work as hard as adults.

You will have an opportunity to mail a postcard from a country that doesn't exist to yourself or maybe to your relatives or friends from a central post office in Tiraspol. Just imagine how cool it is to receive a postcard from a country that officially does not exist and is not on the map, huh? ;)

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We will see the central Suvorov square where the largest monument of Suvorov in the world is located in the central park - favorite place which locals visit almost every weekend dressed in their best clothes. We will walk to a most beautiful building in Transnistria - Palace of Culture and will see a famous tribune from where President of Transnistria gives speeches during all national holidays in the country.

Of course you will have a chance to take as many photos as you want at the most famous place of interest in Transnistria - War Memorial. That's a place where T-34 tank can be spotted! After that we will see the river beach which is located right in the center of capital city, and if time permits - will take a 40-minutes river cruise along the Dniester river by a small boat.

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After thorough examination of Tiraspol and several hundreds of photos that will surely be taken, if time permits you will be offered to visit Bender Fortress - almost 500 years old bastion on Dniester river! Further on we will make a trip to Moldova - country, which already for more than 30 years is in TOP-5 of LEAST VISITED COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD! We will visit countryside along the way to the capital city of Chisinau, will try local dish placinta in a local village cafe before exploring historical center of Chisinau where you will be able to see how another post-Soviet country is making its hard transition to become a European country.

Upon arrival to Chisinau you will take a city tour with our guide through the very heart of capital city - central park, Parliament, central street with many historical buildings where opera house, Chisinau mayor's office, Moldovian ministries, banks and the most elite shops are located. You will see amazing buildings of museums, libraries, concert halls, churches and Chisinau university.

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** During Transnistria and Moldova tour you will have possibility to try real Moldovian cuisine with worldwide known wine in a Moldovian national restaurant for as low as about 10 EUR or 12 US Dollars per person for the whole lunch and will be able to buy very cheap souvenirs from Moldova at a very famous flea market which is in a park nearby city center.

*** We offer as an additional option to visit either the best winery in Moldova - Cricova winery, or Milestii Mici winery - both located in approximately 25 km from Chisinau city center and both are listed in Guinness Book of World Records. Please be sure to contact us in advance as we have to book an underground cellars tour of either Cricova or Milestii Mici in advance for specific time and should plan your individual tour according to time of tour through winery. Entry tickets according to wine tasting plan is paid additionally to the winery directly at the spot.

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During the whole tour from the very beginning when you will be picked up from your hotel or apartment in Odessa and upon arrival back to Odessa you will be accompanied and guided by our certified professional English speaking guide from whom you will find out many interesting things about Transnistria and Moldova incuding culture, traditions, present and possible future of these 2 amazing countries. For those who has already visited Moldova and want to visit ONLY Transnistria we can offer extended Day tour to Transnistria from Odessa.

If you wish to book an individual Transnistria and Moldova tour from Odessa or any other tour with professional English speaking guide, please contact us in advance to schedule date, time and place where you want our guide to pick you up, or just fill in our simple Odessa tour booking form.

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For those of you who are worried about border crossing or maybe just curious how it is to cross Ukraine - Transnistria - Moldova borders, we have written for all our clients

Detailed Explanation of crossing borders between Ukraine and Transnistria or Ukraine and Moldova

Hope this information will be of interest to curious tourists and will answer all questions ;)

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