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Moldova - country which is listed in TOP-10 and even by some travel magazines as one of TOP-5 LEAST VISITED countries in the world! It is simply because almost nobody cares about tourism sector in Moldova, especially in the field of providing tourist service to foreign tourists. By filling this gap, since we have been asked many times by our clients to visit this wonderful sunny country, we have developed series of our own EXCLUSIVE breathtaking tours to Moldova from Odessa.

We are very excited to provide you with Moldova wineries tour from Odessa, as well as a tour to Chisinau - capital city of Moldova, which tries to become a European city, but nevertheless, is still living like in comunism. So, if you happen to be in Odessa, and if you want to find out and learn how wine is made, taste some of best wines in the world, and have a day to spare, we would strongly recommend you to visit Moldova wineries tour from Odessa with our professional English-speaking guides on our own EXCLUSIVE Moldova wineries from Odessa tour.

Tour Duration

12  -  14 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

6 km  or  4 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

460 km   or   280 miles

Price of tour for up to 3 people

from 269 EUR  or  299 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 6 people

from 359 EUR  or  399 US Dollars

Price of tour for up to 16 people

from 499 EUR  or  549 US Dollars

Lunch in Chisinau restaurnat for 1 tourist

about 9 EUR  or  10 US Dollars

Purcari winery and cellars tour for 1 tourist

from 9 EUR  or  10 US Dollars

Cricova underground cellars tour for 1 tourist

from 14 EUR  or  16 US Dollars

Milestii Mici cellars tour for 1 tourist

from 9 EUR  or  10 US Dollars

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During this amazing day tour we will show you 3 most famous wineries in Moldova - Purcari, Cricova and Milestii Mici wineries. Also we will visit Chisinau - capital of Moldova and picturesque women's monastery on the way from Odessa to Chisinau located next to a small village Hadzhimus - monastery of Martha and Mary.

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Besides beautiful landscapes and cozy romantic villages on the way to Chisinau you will learn why Moldovian wine is considered to be one of the best in the world, will be able to witness how grapes are grown and how wineries make everything possible to continue improving their winemaking traditions that are almost 5000 years old! You will see wineries listed in Guinness Book of World Records and even 2 underground cities that started to be built over 250 years ago by hands!!!

First of all our Moldova wineries from Odessa journey will begin with visit to Purcari winery - place where tranquility and spectacular scenery cross paths, where flavor touches unique heights and you understand: wine is, after all, poetry. Purcari is an ideal place for those tourists that appreciate elegance and hospitality that will surely treat your tastes and soul. Situated just a hundred meters from the Dniester river and abound 25 km (15 miles) from the Black Sea, Purcari Estate has its own special ecosystem and just a short visit here will help you relax and forget about the busy life of the city. Purcari Chateau is surrounded by two scenic lakes on one side and rolling vineyards on the other, en ensemble, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

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After visit to Purcari winery, we will make a short stop by Hadzhimus women's monastery, learn the history of this spectacular place, see how women work here and how beautiful everything around is, and will head off to Cricova winery for real unforgettable WOW effects and WOW experiences!

Cricova wine cellars are very conveniently located - only 15 km (or 10 miles) from Chisinau. Cricova’s wine cellars are the second largest in Moldova - a little bit more than 120 km (about 75 miles) in total length. These unique tunnels carved in limestone have been in Cricova since 15-th century when they were dug out by hands to build Moldova’s capital city - Chisinau. These tunnels were converted into a large subterranean complex of wine roads, as deep as 100 meters in Post-Soviet occupation of Moldova. The porosity of the limestone creates a perfect environment to store wines, where the temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius (about 53 Farenheit) all year round.

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During Cricova winery tour you will witness first-hand the unique process of making Champagne as they call it or Sparkling Wine - Cricova is one of the few wineries in the world that produce sparkling wines according to the traditional Champenoise method! You will be shown the endless lines of pupitres (or also called simply racks) holding the bottles at a 45 degree angle. Once a day a team of 4 women shake tens of thousands of bottles a few degrees in such way that the angle gradually increases. You will also see the bottling station, where you can witness the process of disgorgement - the sediment being frozen and then removed from the cap and will learn how Champagne is made in its traditional method - very different from still wine. These days Cricova has several impressive presidential style wine tasting rooms and some more traditional ones decorated with typical Moldovian artefacts and national instruments, which you will be able to see yourself on a tour to Cricova cellars

After exploration of Cricova's cellars we will be heading towards Chisinau - capital of Moldova and one of the greenest cities in Europe with over 80 parks in the city. We will visit central avenue, learn the history of Chisinau, will visit central market where you will be able to buy souvenirs, or cool t-shirts, and will have a chance to mail a postcard back home from Chisinau - to remember the day you visited Moldova. At this time we will have a lunch in one of Moldovian restaurants and will drive to legendary winery complex - Milestii Mici.

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Legendary Milestii Mici winery is known in Moldova for having the longest wine tunnels in the country, with a total length of 200 km (about 125 miles), of which only about half are in use. The underground tunnels even reach the borders of Chisinau and are often nicknamed the underground city. In Milestii Mici at a depth between 35 and 85 metres, you can find the largest wine collection of wines in the world! Milestii Mici was made world famous in 2005 when they won the Guinness World Record for storing the biggest wine collection with more than 2 million bottles in total!!! The wines of Milestii Mici are exported all over the world from Moldova to Europe, Japan and to USA. Curiously, even the Queen of England orders about 1,000 bottles of the Milestii Mici red wine every year! 

On the tour to Milestii Mici you will explore the Milestii Mici underground city where each wine tunnel is named after a grape variety or wine. On your tour, there will be a popular stop where you will see a natural spring and where you can discover the structure of the old stone, which used to be the bottom of an ancient sea. The wine tasting in Milestii Mici is done in a very traditional Moldovian way - the wine is served in hand-made ceramic pots, paired with local delicacies and enjoyed with accompanying Moldovan instrumental music. Tour also includes a gift in the form of 2 bottles of wines, which you can enjoy later or take home with you to show to your friends.

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On our way back to Odessa, if time permits and you will not be overwhelmed enough with information and impressions we may visit one more interesting place - private Et Cetera winery, which is a medium-sized, family-owned winery situated in the South-East of Moldova, in one of the most favourable zones of the country for viticulture, where Mr. Alexander Luchianov, winemaker and Co-Founder is fully responsible for the quality of the product, monitoring production from the vine to the bottling process, as well as Mr. Luchianov is taking all tourists on a tour of his Et Cetera winery when he is there onsite.

We are very proud of our exclusive Moldova wineries from Odessa tour, and without shadow of the doubt we recommend anyone to go on this truly unforgettable tour. We can guarantee from our side that you will remember experience and knowledge gained during Moldova wineries from Odessa tour for many years, and will want to visit this tour again if you ever happen to be in Odessa.

If you wish to book an individual Moldova wineries tour from Odessa or any other tour with professional English speaking guide, please contact us in advance to schedule date, time and place where you want our guide to pick you up, or just fill in our simple Odessa tour booking form.

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