Extensive Odessa tour - 4+ hours Odessa city tour. For ONLY 59 EUROs.

Odessa Extensive tour - one of the most popular individual Odessa tours. Tour combines itself with Odessa Overview tour and with tour to the most popular market in Ukraine - Privoz, as well as a tour by car to a district of Odessa that never sleeps - worldwide famous Arcadia district in Odessa, or Arkadia as it is also can be transliterated.

Tour Duration

4  -  4,5 hours

Approximate Walking Distance

8 km  or  5 miles

Approximate Driving Distance

25 km   or   15 miles

Price of tour

59 EUROs  or  69 US Dollars

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Arcadia is a historical part of Odessa, which is well known for its famous luxurious resort. It is located in the coastal part of the city, approximately 9 km (6 miles) away from city center. This area was named after a mountainous district in Greece, which was known as the home of pastoral villagers.

Founders of the city chose this particular beach and district for the resort, as all Odessa beaches were very steep cliffs and hills, which made it difficult to get down to the sea, in particular to go up afterwards, but to Arcadia leads natural gentle slope in its origin.

Modern Arcadia is very well known for the fact that on its territory there are many restaurants, disco clubs and night clubs, open from May to October, as they are usually right on the beach under the stars. In the vicinity of the beach there is a great variety of resorts and hotels.

The famous Arcadia Beach and Arcadia Park are also located in the district - and you will be able to experience the joy and happiness that is always present in this little paradise of Odessa.

Odessa Extensive tour is recommended for tourists that want to see the most luxurious beach and where all night life of Odessa takes place.

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